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The Coyote Story

We’d like to thank Ron Garritson for his continued work with and support of our American Indian Sign Language project. Ron (Métis) is an adept signer and an educator. We are glad to have someone like him on our team and working to save and revitalize this language.

Below is Ron’s telling of The Coyote story. Included are captions for an English translation as well as a sign-by-sign GLOSS of the story. We hope you enjoy it.

More videos of AISL/PISL are on their way. We are working with our collaborators in order to bring you the best translations and most accurate GLOSSes.

Compilation of AISL/PISL stories

Within the following video are three segments of AISL/PISL signing. The first is of Loretha Rising Sun Grinsell (Tse’tsehestahese). Loretha is a native AISL/PISL signer and educator. The second segment is of Marvin Weatherwax (Amskapi Pikuni). He is an AISL native signer and an educator at Blackfeet Community College in Browning, MT. The third segment is a conversation between Loretha Rising Sun and Barney Old Coyote (Apsaalooke). None of the three have subtitles at this time; however, we are working to provide those for you.

Our project would not be near what it is today without any of these three. We thank them and everyone else involved for their hard work and dedication to the language and culture.

As we translate more and create subtitles and GLOSSes for each of these segments, we will be reposting the individual clips for you to view and enjoy.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn

This is a video of a recounting of The Battle of the Little Bighorn. It is presented simultaneously in three languages: English (Francis Takes Enemy), American Sign Language (Lin Marksbury), Plains Indian Sign Language (Ron Garritson). The full video will be available soon.