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The gallery linked below is a sample of the newest recording and interpreting in PISL research. It was taken by the research group over the past few years in the field.


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  1. Jim Russell

    I am looking for instructional dvd that will help me learn Indian hand sign. If you can help I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

    • I’m glad to see this video especially bescuae it was researched and developed by (I assume) largely white Minnesotan college students. By doing the research on their own, I’m sure their learning and their understanding of what happened to the native peoples in their own state was richer and deeper. Imagine if students at colleges in every state undertook such efforts regarding the tribes that were indigenous to their own states! I spent two summers in SD on a reservation, and in talking to Euro-Americans then and later, have been astonished at the level of ignorance about the early settlement of the country. We engaged in genocide and colonialism just as surely as any other European nation did in their colonization schemes around the globe. Restorative justice efforts truly have a place here, as there is sadly no way to change the past. White American needs to first admit the wrongs of the past AND the wrongs that continue, and then work together (and not try to lead) efforts to restore justice today.

  2. Congratulations on your book! I have lurked on your blog for srveeal months and this is the first time that I had ventured out to put out a comment. You deserve all the praise. Your blog and videos have inspired me a lot.

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