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Endangered Languages

The United Nations predicts that over half of the world’s 7000 languages will become extinct by the end of the 21st century. It is our goal at PISL Research to preserve as much of the cultural, historical, and scientific value of a language as possible for current and future generations. Many other linguists are working together on a global scale to protect these endangered languages as well. Here is another project (by Bowery Arts and Sciences) summarizing the value of language preservation.

The Coyote Story

We’d like to thank Ron Garritson for his continued work with and support of our American Indian Sign Language project. Ron (Métis) is an adept signer and an educator. We are glad to have someone like him on our team and working to save and revitalize this language.

Below is Ron’s telling of The Coyote story. Included are captions for an English translation as well as a sign-by-sign GLOSS of the story. We hope you enjoy it.

More videos of AISL/PISL are on their way. We are working with our collaborators in order to bring you the best translations and most accurate GLOSSes.

Barney Old Coyote

Barney Old Coyote [Apsaalooke/Crow], was featured in this recent news article from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. He was a “wind talker” in WWII and is also a fluent sign talker. Old Coyote participated in our NSF funded project’s 2010 meeting and workshops on the Northern Cheyenne [Tse’tsehestahese] reservation in southeastern Montana. Thanks Barney and the Old Coyote family for years of leadership!

View the article here!

Also, here’s a short sample video clip of Barney Old Coyote signing the Apsaalooke/Crow way with James Wooden Legs. At the same time Old Coyote is speaking English for non-singing members of the audience. Lin Marksbury is doing the ASL interpretation of what Barney is signing/speaking. We are in the process of adding captions and video examples of signing that occurs without speech accompaniment.

World Federation of the Deaf Conference

Early in November the WFD met in Ål, Norway. Their topic this year was “Sign Languages as Endangered Languages”. The conference pulled from many different professions (academics, language policy experts, representatives from deaf associations, and deaf community members) and brought to light many issues that affect sign languages worldwide. The link below will take you to their page where they have posted both a written and a signed summary.

View the summary here

Tommy Rockroads Clip on PISL

In this clip, Tommy Rockroads [N. Cheyenne/Tse’tsehestahese], a fluent PISL user, explains why he learned PISL and why he believes it is important to keep the language alive. Jeffrey Davis (PISL documentation project, PI) interprets his words into ASL. Tommy is also fluent in spoken Cheyenne and English, but he does not know ASL. Soon, we will post a few sample clips of Tommy signing PISL. Stay tuned!

The Battle of the Little Bighorn

This is a video of a recounting of The Battle of the Little Bighorn. It is presented simultaneously in three languages: English (Francis Takes Enemy), American Sign Language (Lin Marksbury), Plains Indian Sign Language (Ron Garritson). The full video will be available soon.