AISL Conference 2012

The American Indian Sign Language Conference was held Aug. 31 – Sep. 2, 2012. It was a very successful event that brought together many people to commemorate the 1930’s conference including several descendents of the participants in the 1930’s conference. Below are a few pictures from the event (more to come soon), and the flyer, poster, and pamphlet from the conference. Please feel free to download these and print and save them as keepsakes from the 2012 conference. If you attended the conference and did not register, we ask that you do so for our records of the attendee’s from the 2012 AISL Conference. Below there will be a registration form for you to fill out shortly.



Below is the 2012 AISL Conference booklet, poster, and press release, respectively.

2012 AISL Conference Booklet

AISL Conference Poster

AISLC Glac Rep 62712




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  1. Charles Atlas Sheppard

    I did not attend the AISL 2012 conference but I am wondering if a similar conference will be held in the future?

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