Barney Old Coyote

Barney Old Coyote [Apsaalooke/Crow], was featured in this recent news article from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. He was a “wind talker” in WWII and is also a fluent sign talker. Old Coyote participated in our NSF funded project’s 2010 meeting and workshops on the Northern Cheyenne [Tse’tsehestahese] reservation in southeastern Montana. Thanks Barney and the Old Coyote family for years of leadership!

View the article here!

Also, here’s a short sample video clip of Barney Old Coyote signing the Apsaalooke/Crow way with James Wooden Legs. At the same time Old Coyote is speaking English for non-singing members of the audience. Lin Marksbury is doing the ASL interpretation of what Barney is signing/speaking. We are in the process of adding captions and video examples of signing that occurs without speech accompaniment.

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